English Commercial Essay

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Commercials and Reasoning In 2015, roughly more than $540 billion in spending was on advertising. (Sabastian, 2015) Yes, that is billion with a B! Every bit of advertising uses some sort of persuasion or argument in order to get the consumer to spend money on their product. Some use logos, or reasoning. Others use ethos or the authority argument. Still, others use pathos or the emotional triggers in us. Successful advertisements grip our memories with a combination of all three. I have taken three of my most memorable commercials to illustrate this. One is from Sears entitled “Shop Your Way-Squirrel Revolt,” (Shop Your Way-Squirrel Revolt, 2013) the other is from Friskies called “Dear Kitten, Regarding the Dog.” (BuzzFeed, 2014) …show more content…
This would also appeal to the singles demographic as well. The Friskies commercial would appeal to everyone young and old. It should especially appeal to young people and people who are sixty-five plus in age. The way the older cat speaks should really be an attention grabber for older people because it is a lower decibel and the “cat” enunciates clearly. The ASPCA commercial will get to everyone. The song sticks in your head and people naturally pay attention to songs whether they are infants or elderly.

Examples of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos The squirrel commercial uses logos the most. It reasons with you that the husband has trained the squirrels to clip coupons. It also uses the logic or reasoning that squirrels are bad at it and you should just go to Sears. This advertisement uses a small amount of pathos as well because squirrels are cute and that makes us emotional. The cat commercial is fantastic because it uses ethos establishing the cats’ authority to the dog and the kitten in everything including food. The Friskies people also encompass logos because they are very logical in proving their point. They use a smaller amount of pathos because they are not trying to be too emotionally charged, but it comes across. This certainly comes across to people like me because the older cat who is educating the kitten references a dog who has passed away and says may he rest in peace. This gets to me every time. The advertisement

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