English Halloween Essay

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A perfect halloween

It was a perfect Halloween night. There was a full harvest moon, the wind was howling, the neighborhood was quiet; even though kids were trick-or-treating. My friends and I were waiting to go outside. Andrew, a blue eyed nerd, was already excited to go outside. Ashley, Alex and I were calm, but anxious. We all agreed to go out when it got darker. We were all dressed up as zombies, the ones that ate guts and such.

“Lets go! Can we please start and get some candy now!!”

Yells Andrew. We all gear up for the night. We say good-byes to our parents and head off into the darkness.

Our first couple of houses were great! We each got handfuls of delicious candy! After about 20 houses, we could barley lift our bags.
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Its the haunted house in our neighborhood. People say there are ghosts and goblins in there.”

I tell them. After we all examine the house Alex suggested we shouldn’t go in there.

“Guys I think it’s unsafe, no one knows whats in there, lets just get out of here!”

“Yeah, I heard this one kid went inside and never came out. A few years later, he was found on the sidewalk, dead. No one knows how he died, or how he got there.”

Says Ashley.

“Now that we saw the house, I think we should hang out at Steve’s party. I heard there was Pizza and everything, plus Im hungry! Anyway, Steve’s house is down the road, we can walk there!”

I try to persuade them.

“Oh! Come on guys, Its just an old abandoned house. Maybe theres candy in there, or left over money from the smiths before they died. You guys don’t actually believe this house is haunted. Those stories are just a hoax!”

We all look at each other, thinking it is safe. Besides, those stories hasn’t happened in years. So I exclaim to the group,

“Come on guys, What harm can it be? We get in, look around, and come right back out. Then we can go to Steve’s Halloween party! Deal?”

Step by step, we walk towards the fence. Alex slowly reaches for the gate to open it and we all slowly step to the doorway. Each step we took, we were afraid the porch would collapse. We stare at the huge red door, waiting for someone to open it. I look at my friends and their all waiting too. Then Ashley

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