Environmental Science Internal Assessment Essay

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Project Title

An investigation into the impact of overpopulation and poverty in the community of Highgate for the past Ten (10) years.

Purpose of Project

This investigation was conducted to evaluate the impact of overpopulation and poverty on the community of Highgate for over the last 10 years. The aim is to evaluate the factors causing the growth of the population and the impact of population growth and poverty on the environment.


The researcher would like to express sincere gratitude to the individuals who contributed to the success of the investigation and the completion of this paper.


This school based assessment seeks to both investigate and describe the effect of overpopulation
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People are said to be poor if their standard of living fall below an overall community standard and they are unable to participate fully in ordinary activities. Poverty is highest among unemployed among people, sole parent families, people with disabilities and some group of immigrant are refugees. Poverty negatively affects the life chance and opportunities of children. “Children are vulnerable and dependent and the effect and impacts of poverty can easily stultify and distort their future lives by robbing them of opportunities to develop their potential” (McClelland 2000).
Around one in eight children live in poverty in Highgate compared with other communities in St. Mary, this rate is low. People living on low income report, poor health and incidence of illness at much higher rates than people on high income. This can be due to stress, overcrowded, housing and poor nutrition. Poverty can also lead to homelessness. Both the shortage of low-cost private rental accommodation and continuing high level of unemployment affects people’s ability to pay the rent. Members of families with low incomes often have limited educational opportunities, leading to much narrower employment options. It can also contribute to poor self esteem and less participation in society. In this way poverty and social exclusion can affect generations.


The data was collected by the use of the following

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