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Summer Bajwa 211510526 Corporate America Socio-economic Downfall

Date: October 30, 2012

“Roger and me” is an eye-opening stance of dark part of Capitalism. Michael Moore’s documentary is a courageous attempt to unfold the damages, caused by Capitalistic mentality of the time – laying off 30,000 auto workers in an American city, Flint for the sheer purpose of profit. Moore’s presentation unfold the pathos of a society, suffers through the years of loss and sorrow. He showed how the “American dream” shattered. Moore, an Irish American Catholic, son of a middle class G.M. employee, observed the thousands of layoffs in Flint and
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The rabbit woman states she raises the rabbits to the age of four months and then kills them; that way, they are nice and tender. At one point in the interview, she is holding a rabbit, caressing it ever so softly and then states indirectly that this one will be her dinner. She proceeds to kill, skin, and gut the rabbit in front of the camera. This leaves a haunting visual image in the mind of the viewer, showing that there is no difference from what GM has done to Flint and what she does to rabbits. What employers cannot understand is that human beings are not like rabbits and should not be treated as such.

General Motors chairman Roger B. Smith announced the closure of Flint Auto plants and to shift to Mexico for cheaper labor. GM's board of directors, led by Roger Smith, decided to move to Mexico to reduce the wage and benefit expense of GM. Showing this; it was obvious that lots of Americans are socially brain-washed into believing that global competition and corporate downsizing is good for America. During one part of the film, as a majority of GM employees are cheering as the last truck rolls off the assembly line, a male GM employee comments, "Why are they cheering? They've just lost their jobs”. Moore shows his disgust and help public to see the real picture of the hidden intent. GM tried to

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