Essay on Ethical Issues Surrounding the Bp Oil Spill

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Ethical Issues surrounding the BP Oil Spill
By: Angela Higgins
December 16, 2010

The BP Oil Spill which happened on April 20, 2010, was the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history releasing approximately 185 million gallons of crude oil into the gulf. This event was the result of a wellhead on the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform blowing out in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 40 miles southeast offs the Louisiana coastline. Eleven men working on the oil rig platform were killed and 17 others were injured. People livelihood and the environment were devastated by this event.
Ethical dilemma, issues, and facts This incident captivated the world and had tremendous media presence and government involvement, but as
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The government believed that there was a larger amount of oil that was released into the ocean then BP admitted to. Also, BPs delays in notifying the government and the American people of ongoing issues with trying to cap the well, added fuel the fire. This made many people believe that BP was trying to cover-up their mistakes and poor decisions.
There are so many stakeholders affected by this event. The people who work for the fishing and seafood industries, the tourism industry, restaurants and clubs will be affected by the spill. Also, equally vested are the people who are property owners, renters, and vacationers. All the people who worked on the BP rig and many of the other drilling companies that are located in the gulf were affected by this event.
Option one is for the government to step in and take complete control of the situation and ensure that all affected people, animals and the environment be compensated for the devastation that is oil spill has inflected. Option two is for the BP to step up to the plate and quite placing the blame on others and own and be responsible for this incident.

Arguments Option one does have legal implementations, but it would ensure that all stakeholders directed affected by the oil spill would be covered. Option one is currently being pursued by the Obama administration and the Justice Department. They filed a

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