Essay Evaluating The Athletic Event Of High Jump

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Biomechanics refers to the “study of the action of external and internal forces on the living body, especially on the skeletal system” (, 2015). By using biomechanics we can examine and find ways to successfully enhance performance, develop exercise programs and modify sporting techniques (Swedan, 2013). This paper will be analyzing and evaluating the athletic event of high jump. Biomechanics will be applied to critically examine the techniques used in high jump and improve upon them.

With the application of biomechanics, any technique can be enhanced and new more effective skills can be created; thereby improving the execution of a sporting action. In addition, the implementation of biomechanics helps to construct more advanced and effective training and sport equipment. Simonian (1981) infers, that biomechanics is essential for physical educators, coaches and others involved with teaching or studying human movement.

Biomechanics can greatly improve athletes and their training in two ways: through the analysis of mechanical values and the analysis of the technical characteristics of their sporting event. Furthermore, biomechanics is successfully used in sports medicine to identify the forces and mechanical energy that cause injury, thereby helping to prevent and reduce the risk of harm (Hensick, 2003). It is clear that biomechanics are valuable in a variety of different aspects of sporting analysis and as such, understanding it is crucial in assessing high…

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