Evaluative Analysis for Dinosaur Extinction Essay

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Evaluative Analysis for Dinosaur Extinction

In Stephen Jay Gould’s article, “Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs,” Gould begins to analyze the difference between science and speculation. In the article, Gould presents that science is considered allowing humans to be able to know and gain knowledge. In “Sex, Drugs, Disasters and the Extinction of Dinosaurs,” Gould begins to state the question of why dinosaurs became extinct and what possible causes could relate to the non-existence of the dinosaurs. The first theory that Gould contemplated for the extinction of dinosaurs could be caused by the sex hypothesis. Gould believed that this theory caused the
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As I was reading Stephen Gould’s article, I was confused in my attempt to comprehend Gould’s exact purpose he was trying to convey to his audience. However, as I got farther along in the reading, I began to think that Stephen Gould’s purpose was to inform us of three reasons that could account for the extinction of dinosaurs. I believe that the purpose of this article was informative, as Gould wasn’t trying to entertain or persuade us to do anything. Stephen Gould was giving detailed facts on why each of the three theories were good or bad hypotheses. In my opinion, I believe that Gould did an excellent job in informing his readers and was successful in achieving his purpose because the intent can easily be detected in the reading. Throughout the essay, Gould made several valuable points that I agree with. I strongly concur that the main reason why the dinosaurs became extinct was because some kind of disaster occurred. I agree with the disaster theory because, if you really think about it, a disaster is the only logical theory that makes sense as to why the dinosaurs vanished from earth. In addition, there have been several studies to prove that disasters are what caused the dinosaurs to become nonexistent.
In conclusion, in Gould’s essay he is not only stating what hypothesis is the best cause for the extinction of dinosaurs but he is also evaluating what is considered valid science. In Gould Essay he explains why that the Disaster hypothesis is

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