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Explanation Essay: Thinner
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Stephen King is the author of over thirty novels, many short stories, several screenplays and other literature, and has remained on, or at least been a staple on the best seller list. Over his career of writing his literature has gained criticism and praise, depending on who you are asking. Whether or not the novel Thinner is best seller material again would depend on who you inquire with. I will not attempt to say whether or not this novel belonged on the best seller list at the time, but rather just to investigate into what was written and said about it and the author Stephen King.

Stephen King Author of Thinner Stephen King, author of the novel Thinner,
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341). Unfortunately this theme is not really true in the novel Thinner.
Literary theme in Thinner
In this story King uses the literary theme of consumptions, in is the novels’ “central motif, and the novel revolves around metaphors of eating and being eaten” (DelMendo, 1996, p. 162). King tells the story of Billy and Heidi, Billy was the very overweight man, a business man that loved to eat and thought nothing about it. He seemed to really have things figured out and going well for him, until one terrible night when his wife was arousing him, he was distracted, he accidently ran over an old gypsy women and killed her; a curse was put on him, thinner.
Thus this central theme of consumption begins. King writes throughout the story, often in the italicized words the inner thoughts of Billy. Even when his weight loss begins, he thinks maybe cancer, then other disease, but really his is being consumed from the inside, while he use to consume all the time. It goes through the whole story and it ends with consumption, but not by him but by his wife and daughter, consumption of the gypsy pie; his only way to survive someone else’s consumption,

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