Family Systems Intervention Essay

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Family Systems Interventions
Intervention skills: Facilitating family change
Change skills
1. Break maladaptive interaction patterns
2. Clarity problematic consequences
3. Alter affective blocks
4. Initiate cognitive restructuring
5. Implement new adaptive patterns
6. Mobilize external resources as required
Break Maladaptive Patterns
• Intervene to control maladaptive patterns by restructuring family interaction verbally or physically
• When appropriate, facilitate the adaptive expression of anger of one family member in order to block the recurrent problematic behavior of another

Clarify problematic consequences
• Confront family members on the problematic consequences of their own behaviors
• Provide verbal or nonverbal
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• Words have the power to build up or tear done discourage or encourage. Pathology-based words darken the vista by imposing problems while strength-based words impose solutions and hope.
• Use a dictionary of helping, a dictionary that includes the use of such words as empowerment, skills, hope, support, ability, and knowledge
Assessment and intervention will be more effective if the family social worker keeps the following considerations in mind:
• Be keenly attuned to culture and adhere to culturally sensitive practices
• Focus on family needs
• Respect client autonomy
• Avoid fostering unnecessary dependency
• Reassess and re-interpret client resistance as avoidance of pain
• Keep healthy professional boundaries while remaining emotionally available
Culturally Sensitive Practice
• We advocate for cultural competence for all workers-competence that avoids the application of stereotypical checklists to families from minority cultures.
• Suggesting that a single program model or intervention can meet the needs of all cultural families risks stereotyping an reducing each culture to a single entity.
• Not all members of a cultural group are connected in the same way to their cultural heritage placater
• Some groups will have blended traditional and nontraditional practices in their daily living.
• Acculturation can be seen as a

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