Fast Food And The Middle Class Essay

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Middle class in today’s world is mainly composed by professionals who have achieved a college degree; the demand is definitely higher than in the past, a High School Diploma is no longer enough to achieve success.
Twenty years ago, the demand for a high educational level was not imperative, people who had jobs in the area of manufacturing, transportation, and mining, were considered to be classified as middle class; nowadays middle class is composed mainly by people carrying out jobs in education, health care, finance and information technologies; all requiring a higher level of education.
Fast Food
Fast food is the term given to the food prepared and served quickly, it became very popular in the 1950 's in the United States. Usually the term refers to foods sold in a restaurant or a bar that serves pre-heated food or pre-cooked ingredients, serving the packaged food to the clients ready to eat.
Fast food establishments have the option of carrying their food, by the service of "drive-through" which allows clients to place the order and pick them up from their vehicles, the vast majority, also has a place for customers to eat in the establishment. Since its inception, fast food has been designed to eat the food on the road, often this food does not require traditional cutlery and is handled with hands. Fast food has greater popularity among teenagers, who on average visit a fast food establishment at least twice per week. A study obtained results showing that adolescents have…

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