Fast Food Companies Should Be Healthier Food For The Public Essay

1251 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 6 Pages
If obesity rate continues to grow as Johnson predicted, obese people would not be able to walk or work due to overweight, so they have high chances of being paralyzed. Therefore, it is important that fast food companies should provide healthier food for the public. 44 percent means almost half of people living in United States, this very critical prediction may destroy half of United States residents in future. As an experiment, In the New York City, some groups were assigned to start drinking beverages and some groups not to drink beverages from fast food restaurant. One year later, they found changes on those groups weight. The group which took beverage from fast food companies weighed four pounds more than the people who do not consume the fast foods (Marcia Clemmitt). If fast food companies offer healthier food, the rate of obesity in the United States will decrease by huge a number. Marcia Clemmitt, staff writer, veteran social- policy reporter, also mentioned that experts agreed that obesity does threaten people 's lives. However, New York City is in less danger than other cities now. The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, has instituted a ban on sugary beverages which contain more than 16 ounces of sugar. It is natural that people want to sweeten their mouth with food or beverages containing sugar. But now, the natural sugar that comes from sugarcane is being mixed with other chemicals. It is not the consumers’ fault that they don’t know what ingredients are…

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