Essay about Fast Food Consuming, Where Is Personal Responsibility?

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Fast Food Consuming, Where is Personal Responsibility? Throughout the decades the United States has had major problems with obesity that are affecting American eating habits. It is the vast enemy of humans, containing a variety of fats and carbohydrates that are found in almost every food. By consuming these foods constantly, obesity converts people into the guinea pig shape that most Americans have today. Daniel Weintraub, a writer for The Sacramento Bee ,argues that parents are not being responsible for their children by not being aware of the foods children consume. I agree with Weintraub because parents do not educate their children to exercise and eat healthy, parents buy them large portions of food, and parents take no personal responsibility to show their children what is correct.
Weintraub believes that schools should provide information to parents about their child’s fitness so that they are aware of their physical fitness. It is parents responsibility for their child’s health because parents do not help exercise their children and do not show them responsibility to eat healthier. Daniel Weintraub a writer for The Sacramento Bee, asserts,“The authors suggest that schools be required to provide parents with fitness test results on their children and information about the importance of daily physical activity for learning and lifelong good health” (Weintraub 43). I think that Weintraub is correct because he clearly believes that parents should be aware of their…

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