Fast Food Consumption Among College Students Essay

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It has been about a month since I left home to go to college. Being a freshman college student, I have experienced a lot of new things in a very short amount of time. I have had to adapt to this new lifestyle since now I am independent and cannot depend on my parents to help me out. My sleeping habits, daily routine, studying and so on has changed. The list goes on, but the biggest change for me is my eating habits. I now eat pizza and burgers all the time while when I lived with my parents I would always eat home cooked meals. This also applies to my other friends who are in college. The question I am trying to propose here is, “Why is there a prevalence of fast-food consumption among college students?” The first source I picked was an article called, “Cost and Calorie Analysis of Fast Food Consumption in College Students”. I chose this article because it shows that there is a correlation between college students and fast food. It showed that students who were 19 to 20 ate more fast food then students who were 12 to 18. It also showed that students who were 20 to 29 years ate significantly more fast food than people who were 55 years or older. The article also asked students between the ages of 19 to 25 why they ate fast food so much. There reasoning was because it was more convenient for them and because it was cheaper. Something else I also learned was that there is a higher correlation between fast food and male college students. Male students are more likely to eat…

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