Essay about Fast Food Is Bad For Your Health

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It’s no secret that fast food is bad for your health, however some of us do not truly know all of the horrendous things it can do to our physical and mental health. Fast food is tempting due to its cheap prices and how quick and easy it is to be obtained, but it can cause many health issues including obesity, diabetes, and strokes. Many people do not ponder about every little thing that they are putting in to their mouths while struggling with a busy schedule; nor do they think about the long term effects that their quick stop can cause, but the damage is awaiting. Obesity is something a lot of people suffer with in today’s society. Ginny Garcia, Thankam Sunil, and Pedro Hinojosa state in their work that, “According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than one third of US adults were classified as obese with a body mass index of 30.0 kg/m2 or more, in 2009.” (Garcia, Sunil, and Hinojosa 810). However fast food alone does not cause obesity. The over consumption of fast foods and the lack of exercise together play a key role in the development of obesity. No one can expect to eat something so rich in fatty acids without exercising afterwards and not gain weight. Unfortunately, it just does not work that way. However, obesity does not just affect someone’s weight alone. With being obese comes a higher risk for having coronary heart disease. Janet Renee expresses in her article that a study the University of Minnesota School of Public Health researchers did to examine the…

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