Fast Food Is The Best Choice Of Food Essay

1864 Words May 6th, 2015 null Page
Fast food; is it really as “no strings attached” as it seems? Fast food may be simple and convenient for individuals who seem to not have enough time, but the effects of food can last a lifetime. Even though fast food is quick and easy to come across, it may not be the best choice of food to choose. Individuals who eat fast food should stop eating fast food because it is unhealthy, a bad addiction to create, and can eventually cost a lot of money. Instead of eating fast food, individuals should start eating healthy because it creates a healthy lifestyle and can save money. People should dump fast food for good and transform their lives for the better. People should dump fast food for good because it is unhealthy. Most people throughout the world know that fast-food is unhealthy, but the known information does not stop certain individuals from eating fast food again, or limiting how much food they eat. It may not be known to most individuals, but “Scientists, nutritionists, and health experts say most fast food has too many calories, too much sodium, and too much saturated fat for kids to eat more that just once in a while (Weekly Reader 1).” This poor nutritional value varies depending on what restaurant, or fast-food restaurant chain, each individual chooses. The levels of dangerous trans fats in a majority of fast-food chains have changed very little, but the trans fats in most fries have actually improved (Tufts Health and Nutrition 1). Even though the fries nutrition…

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