Essay on Fast Food Is Too Dependent On Fast Foods

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CBS News reported, “At least one quarter of American adults eat fast food every day.” Americans have become too reliant on fast food. People carelessly spend money that is needed for future expenses, and consume an unhealthy amount of fast food every week. Addictions can evolve, and bad eating habits can form, for people who need to maintain a healthy and stable diet. Fast food is greatly admired by American people because it is inexpensive and popular. The consequences of being too dependent on fast food are increasing the chance of diabetes, obesity, and cancer. People of the United States rely on fast food because it’s quick and easy. The lives of the average American are often busy with appointments, work, kids, sports, and even traveling. It can be hard for families to take the time to prepare healthy meals. With the efficient service, low prices, and casual atmosphere, fast food seems like the ideal "all-American" choice. In fact, over 25 percent of Americans consume fast food every day (Ransohoff). Children can also play an important role when it comes to fast food. Sometimes parents result to a McDonald’s happy meal when their child is worthy of a reward for something. However, happy meals might seem like a good choice at the time, but if it continues to become a regular habit, the child will be vulnerable to lifelong health problems early in their lives. Any individual can become prone to developing serious health problems if they rely regularly on the unhealthy…

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