Essay on Fast Food Vs. Junk Food

1950 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Ever since Tom was young his parents knew he was large for his age, but they never did anything about it. They would not regulate what Tom would eat and would just call it his “baby fat”. His parents would not even introduce extracurricular activities to Tom because it was a “waste of time”. Tom’s parents were also overweight and would avoid going to the doctor because they knew they were going to be told that their health problems were related to their weight. It was easy for them to eat fast food and the cheapest “junk food” because they did not have a lot of money. Tom’s mom, Susan, was a manager at Wendy’s and was able to bring home dinner pretty cheap due to her employee discount. Tom’s dad, Mike, was currently unemployed due to his health problems. This meant that there was only one paycheck coming in the house every two weeks. They were on a strict budget and they thought that eating healthy was out of their budget.
By the time Tom entered high school, he was well overweight for his height. Even walking down the hallway caused Tom to break out in a sweat. He never thought anything of it and his parents never told him he needed to change his habits, so this became normal. For breakfast and lunch Tom would eat what the school provided. After everyone had gotten their food, Tom would go back for seconds. He found himself hungry less than an hour after lunch and would pull out the snacks he had packed from home. Even after all of the calories he had already consumed…

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