Feminism And Its Shades Of Gray Essay

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Feminism and its Shades of Gray It is often said that life is not black and white and that there are shades of gray, which holds to be true in terms of a person’s sexuality, race, and morality. Only viewed in black and white, feminism to this day is considered a radical notion rather than a necessity. A pink or blue blanket at birth cannot be the only determining factor of a persons future; yet, those particular colors have been leading and continue to lead to controversy year after year. Feminism is a movement that has the power to alleviate the pain that comes with gender identity because preassigned gender roles are among the most significant issues negatively affecting people by oppressing and limiting their options.
Women have always had the potential to accomplish phenomenal things. The Representation Project’s film called How the Media Failed Women in 2013, recent accomplishments of women were highlighted; Catching Fire had broken records, Katie Couric became Yahoo’s global news anchor, Malala Yousafzai was the cover of Time magazine’s 100 most influential list, and the list went on. However, the main focus remained on the “missrepresentation” of women in the media. Most surprisingly, these offensive words were said by highly educated male individuals. “Know your role and shut your mouth!” and “let me have a word -ohh dominant one,” and similar egotistic comments were made by FOX news commentators every time a woman commentator won an argument. It is a miracle…

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