Firm Research Essay

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Firm Research
Donna Wright
Strayer University
Business Strategies and Proposals
BUS 505
Dr. Evangeline Jefferson
April 20, 2013

Firm Research Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine Firm Research. In developing this paper concepts will be identified in the areas of describing a small-business line of business (LOB); determining which government procurement opportunity is aligned with the LOB using the Federal Business Opportunities Website; the firm’s current strategies and assessing the strategic success using financial figures or “soft” indicators as the background; providing a SWOT analysis to determine the internal and external factors in servicing the federal government and utilizing a gap analysis
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In order for a business to stand out from its competitors; it must offer something that is unique to what the competitors are offering. Service is the backbone of the lines of business. Wright Telecommunications offers not just top notch customer service, but it also a variety of telecommunication services; such as secure video teleconferencing. 2. Which federal government procurement opportunity is aligned with the LOB? The federal government procurement opportunity aligned with Wright Telecommunications LOB is FedBizOps. Federal business opportunities for contractors are listed at FedBizOps: Federal Business Opportunities. Federal agencies are required to use this site to communicate available procurement opportunities and their vendor requirements to the public and interested potential vendors for all contracts valued over $25,000. 3. What are the firm’s current strategies and strategic success using financial figures? According to (Osborne, 2011, p. 1616) once an organization has set its sights on the future, it must select a way of assessing its progress. Strategic success measures need to be selected for each LOB and for the overall organization. Success measures typically are a mix of financial figures and “soft” indicators. The indicators for Wright Telecommunications are: sales with an annual target of $800,000.00; percent of competitive proposals

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