Essay about Food As A Social Issue Among Americans

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Food Desserts in America
Food deserts are becoming an increasingly controversial social issue among Americans because it puts certain people at an unfair disadvantage. For example, lower class citizens are not offered easy accessible healthy food as opposed to their wealthier suburban counterparts. Urban dwellers are then forced to buy cheaper and unhealthier foods to feed their youth causing kids a number of issues such as focusing problems, childhood obesity, and lower test scores. This puts inner-city kids significantly behind those who grow up in wealthier homes that are able to afford more substantial food therefore affecting how they turn out later on in life. This makes food deserts a serious socioeconomic dilemma that begs to be further discussed in our society. The increasing number of food deserts in American cities is becoming a major complication to the lives of urban citizens because it does not allow them the access to proper nutrition that would keep them focused and healthy enough to excel in other aspects of life.
According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a food dessert is defined as a “geographic area where affordable and nutritious food is hard to obtain”. In other words, a food desert is usually an urban are where the people living there are unable to find a sustainable grocery store that sells quality food as well as they do not have a reliable source of transportation to get them to such a store. Corner stores and gas stations are…

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