Essay about Food Authenticity Issue Of Authentic Foods

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Food Authenticity Issue

Authentic foods are said to be those that meet the expectations of the cultures and these expectations are determined by the consumers themselves. These customers are said to be those who need to get a taste of a unique and native foods that match their requirement. However, some of the restaurants are unable to match these consumer expectations mainly because of unavailability of raw materials in the host countries and experienced cooks. There are a lot of changes that made by the restaurant’s management that are mostly affect the foods, which make foods lose it ethnicity. In addition, this reason supports why most globalized firms in the food industry has been directed toward the need to make an act towards local and on the other side, globalizing for the interest of making their food affordable and match the tastes of the locals. American fast food restaurants managed to globalize their businesses and they kind of adapt in the foreign country they are in. From my own point of view, I think that no matter where you going to build a restaurant and no matter how many ingratiates missing, a good chief will know how to present his food with a high degree of authenticity.

American Fast Foods Restaurants and their Adaptation Processes; this study establishes how the foods’ ethnicity is affected by the adaptations made. Ethnic restaurants like McDonald’s are noted to have desired to develop their businesses by providing foods which are familiar to…

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