Essay on Food Is The Best Thing About The School

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Food in Schools

When people think back to their high school years, do they remember the food there as being the best thing about the school? When most students think of school food, it is not a pretty picture. They think of a little tray with a couple of items on it, none of which looks very appetizing. The school food has always been thought of as unappetizing and inedible. So what can we do to change this? Can we allow the kids a choice as to what they want to eat and try harder to impress students with gourmet meals every day while maintaining nutritional value? And how can we better educate them on healthier eating habits in life?

The school lunch line has always served as the spot where anticipation built for what you had to eat that day. It usually was something very unpleasant. Reflecting back to my middle school days we had the choice to choose what we wanted to eat from a buffet, and even though the food was still not very palatable, we could choose what we wanted. This system worked rather well because if a student didn’t like beans, then he/she didn 't have to get beans on his tray. This saved the beans from being wasted by the students. Another benefit to the buffet system was that students were allowed to get seconds if they wanted for no extra charge. This kept students from leaving the lunchroom hungry. Despite this system being fairly efficient, the food still wasn’t extremely palatable.

Despite the efficiency of the above stated system,…

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