Essay on Food Of Food, By Michael Pollan

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Food in Modern Times Imagine it is 2080 and people are living in a new society. Humanity devolved into obese human beings that use wheelchairs to move around because they are so heavy they prefer not to walk. Even babies are born fat. In fact, all of them are born sick and with diabetes. The oldest person in the world is 45 years old. People eat four times a day. They eat a special powder that can become any dish just by adding water and putting it in the microwave. They do not even try to read the ingredients on the label because the list is so long. A society like this is not hard to imagine as the future of America and all this health problems can happen as a consequence of people replacing fresh food with processed food. In response to concerns about foods and its relationship to health, Michael Pollan digs into this topic in his book, “In Defense of Food”, where it is shown that, unfortunately, Americans have changed their diet over the years to the point where it is dangerous for their health. Some decades ago, people used to have a healthier life because they used to eat natural food, fresh and whole food. Farms were plentiful of men who worked in fields, growing their own fruits and vegetables. They also made their own products, such as butter, cheese, and more, in natural ways. In addition, they raised their own animals too. They had fresh meat, milk and eggs. Everything was fresh and organic. “Our ancestors preserved food naturally, using salt, fermentation, and…

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