Freedom Rides Essay

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Prior to the freedom rides indigenous people were mistreated and weren’t considered to be first class citizens of Australia. However, when people became aware of the mistreatment, they started to protest in many places in New South Wales, this was known as the freedom rides. This movement was led by Charles Perkins, who was one of the first indigenous people to attend university.

The mistreatment of indigenous people started when the European’s took over Australia, and escalated over time. They were considered to be second class citizens. By the time of federation, in 1901, aboriginal people were not included in the constitution or the census and were excluded from society which was known as protectionism. The white Australians
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This was an international break through. Charles Perkins was also a soccer star which gave him the opportunity to travel quiet often. On many occasions he witnessed racial abuse in the country towns of New South Whales, where many Aboriginals were degraded in society. Charles Perkins did not experience much racism as he was raised in the city compared to other Aboriginals who were treated harshly. After witnessing discrimination against his own race he immediately took action. The freedom rides that were taking place in the US inspired him to act in a similar manner.

Charles Perkins along with his University support travelled all throughout New South Whales. Perkins observed the racism that took place in a town called Moree where Aboriginal children were to shower before entering the pool and leave at a certain time. There was a lot of violence that took place in Moree due to its racial outcasts. Charles Perkins used his stardom to get his word out there that Aboriginals should not be degraded in any way. The students were both physically and verbally abused, and so decided to protest along with many other Aboriginals. The Freedom Riders goal was finally achieved in the 1967 referndum which stated that Aboriginals would be classed as citizens of Australia and would be counted in the census votes.

From the above mentioned facts it can be concluded that the

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