Essay about Fruits and Characteristices

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Running Header : Fruits and Characteristics


Christopher Jerry
Dr. Kendricks D. Hooker
Biology 115
February 18, 2012

Running Header : Fruits and Characteristics


Why are some fruits sweet and some sour, whereas others have no specific taste?
The taste of a fruit depends on the compounds present in it. Normally a fruit contains the materials like cellulose, proteins, starch, vitamins, certain acids, fructose or sugar. All these materials are found in mixed form inside the fruit and they have different proportions in different fruits. Fruits of sweet taste have more fructose in them whereas the fruits of sour taste have more acids in them. Some fruits are sweet as well as sour in taste like orange, as it has
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Ripening occurs synchronously with seed and embryo maturation, as described in the lecture on embryo development. In dry fruits (cereals, nuts, dandelions) ripening consists of desiccation and is

Running Header : Fruits and Characteristics


considered maturation. Ripening in fleshy fruits is designed to make the fruit appealing to animals that eat the fruit as a means for seed dispersal. Ripening involves the softening, increased juiciness and sweetness, and color changes of the fruit. Fleshy fruits are either climacteric or non-climacteric.
Climacteric fruits produce a respirative burst with a concomitant burst in ethylene synthesis, as the fruits ripen. These include fruits with high degrees of flesh softening, like tomato, banana, avacado, peach etc. are known to be involved in this process. (Seed and Fruit Development, n.d.)
How do humans interfere in this process by consuming grains and fruits.
When humans eat the fruits prior they have dispersed the process of ripening and dispersal is interfered with. The consumption of fruits and grains before dispersal hinders the complete formation seeds, as well as, the entire conversion of acids into starch which is used during the dominance stage. Human activities including consumption often disrupt the entire hormonal effect of the ripening process so seed dispersal does not take place. If seed dispersal is successful

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