Global Business Management Essay example

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Global business management
I have the ambition to achieve positive results in life. Since I arrived in the United States of America in 1997 my goal was to learn the language and earn a college degree in business management. This country has so much to offer especially if a person has the desire, dedication and passion to succeed. I was fortunate that while I was going to school to earn my associates degree, I started working for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and one year later I was going through its Corporate Management Trainee program. I was then extremely focused on my job responsibilities, therefore, I had no choice but to put a hold on my education. Today, I believe I have the opportunity to return to school and fulfill my initial
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Personally, I will feel extremely proud to have the discipline and dedication to accomplish a goal that I have left behind unfinished. I will set myself for success because studying will improve and develop skills which will be important to conquer some of my professional goals. I will enhance my ability to present projects to an audience, develop global business knowledge that I lack in and share with colleagues what I have learned.
Professionally, as a sales manager the benefits of acquiring this degree are infinite, I will be considered more marketable and desirable from companies all over the world. I will acquire the knowledge to work effectively in foreign environments, understand the importance of global market strategies, laws and regulations and develop skills that will greatly impact my organization and aid on future higher positions with Phillip Morris USA or International.
In the near future I want work for Philip Morris International, if possible in Brazil. I have decided that education will enhance my opportunities to achieve this goal. The benefits I highlighted above are consistent with my objectives therefore, putting me in the right direction for the years to come.

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