Global High Intensity Industrial Development Essay example

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As a result of the global high intensity industrial development, increasing amount of energy consumption is required. Hence this has lead to a situation in rapid depletion of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas; furthermore the negative effect caused by the greenhouse gas produced when burning fossil fuels must be considered. In order to protect the environment together with maintaining enough amount of energy needed in the future, the world have to depend more on producing renewable energy efficiently. Slowly shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy can reduce greenhouse gas emission with regard to prevent further negative environment impacts. Moreover, fewer amounts of fossil fuels are used for slowing down depletion of fossil fuels without having to worry increasing energy consumption in the future since investing in renewable energy can have significant surplus for our energy security given that renewable energies are continually replenished naturally, i.e. sunlight, wind, marine environment.

Supposing that if the world is preparing to depend on a significant amount of renewable energy by year 2050, then some major issues will arise instantly in terms of technical, financial, environmental and societal and those issues may limit the development of renewable energy.

Before anything else, renewable technology is still relatively new so it’s difficult to compete with the mature fossil fuels technology. In order to overcome the lack of current renewable…

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