Global Warming : A Controversial Topic Topics That Are Thrown Around With Fear?

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Greenhouse gasses and global warming are very controversial topics that are thrown around with fear. Because of this, I have always been interested in global warming. I am an advocate for replanting rainforests and preventing the destruction of natural habitats. Global warming can occur when large quantities of plants are removed preventing carbon dioxide to be taken from the air and recycled into oxygen. Because of this, I have always had the thought that if plants take up carbon dioxide, then planting more plants could help remove greenhouse gasses out of the air. Global warming is the theory of toxic fumes destroying the ozone layer and allowing more solar rays to pass through and get trapped heating up the earth. Plants, as part of a way to produce energy and food, take up carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen. There are a few ways that are used to slow down and eventually prevent global warming. Using renewable resources instead of fossil fuels is a way to slow down carbon emissions. Other ways include planting forests and cleaning natural habitats. However, what if the carbon dioxide in the air is too much? What if the excess CO2 is actually stunting plant growth?
The aim of this experiment will be to focus on Impatiens and will study the effects of CO2 on their growth to see if there is significant growth, a significant reduction of growth, or if there is any growth at all. The way I plan to execute my experiment is by planting plants and have…

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