Globalidsation in India Essay

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Question 5: Critically evaluate the impact of globalisation on domestic business environment of India

By Kru

Question 5: Critically evaluate the impact of globalisation on domestic business environment of India


This report will discuss the impact that India has had through globalisation, and how it has affected domestic business environment of India. The report will also include theories on globalisation and a PEST analysis showing the factors affecting economic growth on domestic business environments. And how the economy have been structured and adjustments for essential for growth of the economy.

To improve India’s economy they would need to
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Till the nineties the process of globalisation of the Indian economy was constrained by the barriers to investment liberalisation of trade and financial flows has progressively lowered the barriers to competition and hastened the pace of globalisation.

2. Theoretical frame work


India was ruled by the British from the early 19th Century until 1947. It won its independence at the same time as division from Pakistan. The two countries have fought three wars, two of which were over the territory of Kashmir. The country was poor and shattered by violence. In August 1990, the nation faces a crisis due to the increased in oil price. The need for an emergency by the government was to make greater commitments to the economic liberalization. This had lead India to have many disadvantages, for example quality standards. Until 1990, India was facing a bust period and then India bounced back from this crisis, since then India has maintained its stable economy. India today is a rapid economic development; however India faces complex and enduring internal problems, such as caste system, India's overpopulation, poverty and environmental problems. As well as widespread of corruption, are major challenges. India is currently governed by a coalition government led by the Congress Party under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who came to power in 2004. India president is currently Pratibha Devisingh Patel, who came to power since 25 July 2007. The

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