Going Paperless: Electronic Medical Records Versus Paper Medical Records "Is It Time to Make the Switch?"

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Unit 9 Final Project
January 15, 2012
Professor Kristen Hathcock
Kaplan University

Going Paperless: Electronic Medical Records versus Paper Medical Records “Is it time to make the switch?”
Carletta Howard
Kaplan University

Abstract Making the switch to an electronic medical records system will help to bring forth health care advances with the systems data quality and availability. This research study uses focus groups and surveys to get the opinions of different health care providers and some patients on what they think EMR will do for the health care industry. Literature related to EMR was reviewed to get a better understanding of the benefits and barriers of electronic medical records. The study uses data from
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Research Questions 1. Is the implementation of electronic medical records detrimental to the success of the healthcare industry? 2. What do you see as being a problem with electronic medical records? 3. What are the advantages to using electronic medical records? 4. Do you for see any future problems with electronic medical records? 5. How will patients benefit from electronic medical records?
Importance of the Study This study is important to helping the medical field transition into more modern technology. This study will show the importance of all medical professionals being on one accord when treating each other’s patients. This study will provide data to compare so that decisions can be made on making the switch to electronic medical records.

Topics in Literature Review
Topic 1: The benefits of electronic medical records
Topic 2: The barriers to electronic medical records
Topic 3: The value of EMR/EHR information exchange and interoperability between providers and independent laboratories, radiology centers, pharmacies, payers, public health departments, and other providers.
Topic 4: The relationship between EMR/EHR features and health care quality.
Topic 5: Implementation of electronic medical records.

Literature Review The electronic medical records system will be the core of a computerized health care system in the

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