Good Nutrition Is The Balanced Eating Of Food Essay

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“Good nutrition is the balanced eating of a variety of foods, the foods we eat should protect our bodies with the nutrients needed to stay healthy” (NSW Ministry of Health, 2014, p.24). The 3 week menu for 3-5 year olds has a range of foods that includes the nutrients that children need in order to stay healthy and for them to develop and grow. The menu is fit to cater for children who have allergies, such as an egg allergy. Children who come from low-socio economic backgrounds have also been taken into account when designing this menu, along with children that may be suffering from coeliac disease. Children who are fussy eaters have been considered as this occurs frequently in a centre and is a normal part of being a 3-5 year old. In many centres there often is a child who is from another culture, in this centre a child comes from Japan and the menu has been designed so that the child from this country is catered for. The amount that children are able to eat has also been taken into account, as “children have small stomachs and can’t eat much food in one sitting” (NSW Ministry of Health, 2014, p.45). This for example can be shown in what the children have in week 1 on a Wednesday for afternoon tea, being fresh grapes and yoghurt. Fresh grapes may not be enough for a child in order for them to feel full, so yoghurt has been added in order for the child to feel full. Yoghurt is also a healthy snack, ensures that the child is getting a serve of dairy for the day and the menu…

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