Gulliver's Change Throughout Gulliver's Travels Essay

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Gulliver's change throughout Gulliver's Travels

Throughput the book "Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift, the character Gulliver changes many times. During and after part two and four of the book a noticeable change in Gulliver starts to occur. He himself may not see it but the reader sees it and ones attitude towards Gulliver might change due to Gulliver's changes. Throughout these two parts, we see Gulliver as an adventurous man that wants to see everything that has been created in the world. During his second adventure Gulliver see the opposite side of the spectrum and has to fend for his life because of his small size, which causes him to lose his view of human size when he goes back to England. In addition, he starts to
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This change is not as harmful to Gulliver's state of mind as the next change that he endures. The last part of the book has Gulliver facing an extreme different point of view that changes Gulliver into a mental state to which he may not recover. He encounter to cultures, the Houyhnhums and the Yahoos. The Houyhnhums are very intelligent horses that live like ordinary humans, and the Yahoos are humans that act like dumb monkeys that are only useful for manual labor, and have almost no intellect. To Gulliver he is not like the Yahoos but to the Houyhnhums people he looks like them but he is smarter. The whole idea of Gulliver looking like a Yahoo starts to roll around in Gulliver's head and he starts to lose his mind. He changes his mind about what he looks like and believes that he must never congregate with people that look like them, for example, human beings from England and everywhere else that people have intellect like him. We see the change when he is sent of the island and would rather prefer going to different islands with monsters than going back home were everyone looks like a Yahoo. When he is finally saved from his boat we see how much his mindset has changed by the way that he treats the sailor that saved him. When on the ship Gulliver is so disgusted by their look that when hearing the men talk he says, "When they began to talk, I thought I never heard or

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