HCS 475 week 1 Leadership Style Essay

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Leadership Style
Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs
Leadership and Performance Development
HCS 475
Krystal Holthus
June 01, 2014
Leadership Style
Health care is a stage that requires multiple leadership styles to be successful. There is a distinct difference between managing employees and leading employees. A successful leader needs to have a solid understanding and ability to merge the two traits together. A group of employees that are lead during their work time instead of micromanaged will have a stronger sense of loyalty and determination to produce quality work.
Successful leadership style
This student identifies Kelly Zuiker as having a successful leadership style. Kelly Zuiker is the Administrative Assistant at Catholic Health
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Kelly Zuiker supports this student’s efforts to move forward in her career and encourages efforts at advancement.
Comparison of styles
This student believes that Kelly Zuiker’s leadership style aligns with her own style. This student employs the help of fellow staff to help make decisions that will directly affect the office environment. This student believes that staff involvement in decision making helps to decrease anxiety about future changes because the staff is aware of and had an active part in the decision making process.
Traits of a successful leader
This student believes that she needs to develop more characteristics that lean towards an Authoritarian, or autocratic, style of leadership. This student believes that she needs to understand and exude a more exact decision making process. When a leader leaves room for an employee to counter with unwanted words or behavior then disciplinary problems can evolve. This student believes that a strong combination of Democratic and Authoritarian is the desired skill set needed to be a good leader.
Student’s strengths
This student believes that Kelly Zuiker could learn from the students strengths by being able to spend time learning her position and the true aspects of the job the student does. Kelly Zuiker is not able to spend solid time in each of her clinic and this student believes that

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