Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary Essay

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Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary Brittany Fender April 8, 2013 HCS/531 Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems Jody Sklar

As doctors are put into hospitals to keep patients alive and healthy, Hospital Administrators are put in hospitals to keep the facility alive and healthy. The day- to- day job of a Hospital Administrator is rigorous and detail oriented. He or she was chosen to keep the hospital operating efficiently, within budget while keeping many parties happy at the same time. Hospital Administrators work long and odd hours, possibly
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The administrator orients new employees with their job description, provides all the necessary tools to new and existing employee to do their jobs, and give tasks that fit to each employee to maximize his or her potential. Within the role of training the administrator identifies new employee’s personality and capabilities and may delegate training of day-to-day tasks to an existing employee with high marks. The administrator is also responsible for constantly developing each employee’s skills to maximize potential and keep to date with standards (Mayhew, 2013). Within the role of feedback, the administrator gives constructive feedback (whether good or bad) on a regular basis. The administrator is also responsible for supporting and counseling employees and addresses any performance issues as they arise. Finally, within the role of appraisal under evaluating, the administrator has to acquire the ability to rate the employees according to the job expectations and standards. Over time the administrator must constantly observe and assess employees whether new or existing, from nurses to doctors and assistants (Mayhew, 2013). Administrators must always be encouraging and pushing each employee to achieve his or her individual goals, so that the organization’s goals are always met. The impact of the Hospital Administrators services and roles to the hospital are tenfold. The organization

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