Essay on Healthcare Ecosystems

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1. State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreement Program
The State HIE program falls under The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, and funds the implementation and creation of statewide health information exchange. States can work independently to complete the task, or they can combine their finances and work together on a multi-state program. The awardees have the important job of creating and putting into action a State plan that makes sure HIE is in effect statewide before Medicare payment penalties begin in 2015. This program is an application based one, and with that comes criteria for approval. So the awardees are impacted by licensure, certification, or accreditation standards
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The NHIN’s objective to “provide a secure, nationwide, interoperable health information infrastructure that will connect providers, consumers, and others involved in supporting health and healthcare,” is perfectly aligned with the State HIE’s program objective to connect providers at a statewide level (National Health, 2011).
This program depends on health informatics professionals for its success. To plan, begin, and fully implement a full EHR and HIE exchange takes knowledge and experience in the Health Informatics field. I can only assume this program will impact the Health Informatics workforce in a positive way, because it aids in making HIT professionals increasingly necessary in the medical community thus creating jobs that are not available today.

2B. The Medicaid and Medicare EHR Incentive Programs
I am discussing both the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Programs together because of their same goal and similarity. The goal of the programs is to encourage and entice the medical community to implement the EHR with payment incentives. Eligible medical professionals and hospitals can receive payments up to $63,750 a year depending on which program the participant qualifies for. Eligibility requires that the participants maintain a set percentage of either Medicaid or Medicare patients, implementation of a certified EHR system, and showing “meaningful use” of the

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