Essay on Hip Hop vs. House

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Compare and Contrast

The Sounds of Life

House and Hip Hop, are two very similar genres of music. However, no matter how similar these two types of music sound, they are still very different. Hip Hop and House music are two very popular kinds of music today. Some Hip Hop artists that you might be familiar with are MosDef, The Roots, De La Soul, Jurassic 5. Some House music artists are Mark Farina, Chemical Brothers, Inland Knights, JT Donaldson and Deadmau5. All of these artists and groups have left their lasting mark on the ears of millions throughout the world.
As far as parallelisms go, both types of music were conceived in the late seventies and early eighties both are derived from the Death of Disco, which happened at
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The MC, would verbally rap or rhyme to the music being put out by the DJ who would mix and scratch different records together in rhythmic patterns. And still today, the primary focus of Hip Hop is the MC/Rapper. This type of music puts great emphasis on lyrics, it’s the MC’s job to tell the story in order to help the listener feel what or why the song was made or written.
Now in contrast, House Music is made with two turntables, a drum machine, synthesizers and little to no lyrics of any kind. House Music focuses on heavy beats, baselines, and sweet melodies that can and will take you on a journey through uplifting thoughts and feelings. House music will always emphasize the DJ’s ability to make you move your feet. This attention goes only to the DJ, since there isn’t anybody else up in the DJ booth to share the spotlight or credit for the music at their finger tips.
Hip Hop is usually 84-120 beats per minute,(BPM) which is a slower tempo, that consist of a kick drum, high hat, and a snare. This allows the MC to rap to the beat and also allows the MC to speak clearly enough to deliver a rhyme, which the listener can understand and follow. House music which is typically 118-135bpm, is a bit faster, and uses a 4 on the floor beat, which is a rhythm used in disco and electronic dance music, characterized by a steady, uniformly accented beat played on a bass drum 4/4 time, and

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