History 110 Essay

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Miguel Flores
History 110

Smedley Darlington Butler in my opinion can be considered one of the most influential Americans during the 1900s for his many successful accomplishments as a Marine Corps officer and an American Patriot. Some of these significant experiences he attained as a Marine which influenced his actions as a civilian later in life were; his solid leadership abilities during the assault in Peking, China, despite his young age, in his tour in Nicaragua where he learned tenacity while staring down the barrel of a Nicaraguan-rebels pistol, or as a Haitian ruler after over-throwing a rebel stronghold, but the most meaningful experience were he gained wisdom and humility, was during his time as the Commanding General of Camp
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Although his own injuries, he would still continue to lead his men to the objective and would not hesitate to help carry a weary soldier’s heavy load. Upon arriving at the chines city, he led his troops through the gates, but was struck in the chest by a bullet. “Butler had been saved by the second button on his Marine blouse, which deflected the bullet” (Devil Dog, pg. 27). Finally they reaching the Forbidden City after days of fighting, only to be abruptly halted by superiors, later he find out that other western powers wanted to be assured of their share of the Forbidden City’s spoils. These actions would contribute in forming the way he essentially would come to be as an outspoken civilian years to come.
Smedley was regarded by President Theodore Roosevelt as “the ideal American soldier” (Devil Dog, pg.35) for his warrior ethic. He would demonstrate such firmness when he and his troops were headed for the port of Corinto, Nicaragua, via railway. There, armed rebel soldiers, stopped Butler and his troops short from reaching a bridge. One of the rebel leaders threatened to shoot Butler if the trained moved. As a train full of trigger happy Marines stared and waited to see what their fearless leader would do next, Butler without hesitation quickly disarmed the rebel by snatching his weapon from his hand and emptying out the cartridges onto the ground. This action solidified his unwavering tenacity and would propel his troops to follow him to the end

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