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Chapters 5&6
The model for many of the delegates to the constitution was the
Roman Republic
As president George Washington
Was careful not to exceed the powers given him by the constitution
The politician who sought to preserve America as a nation of minimal government and small independent farmers is
Thomas Jefferson
How did Presidnet George Washington exercise his presidential power? Did he use it to advance partisan interests? Did he use it to pressure the legistlature? Did he attept to follow the constitutionally defined power closely or did he seek to expland that power beyond its intended limits? What was his view of setting precedents for his successors? (pg 154)
He attempted to follow the constitutionally defined
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Why was the Tenth Amendment added to the Constitution?
Largely because of the intellectual influence and personal persistence of the anti-federalists and their allies. (limited nature of the powers delegated to the national governement) Why was the Articles of Confederation hard to amend?
Because every state but Rhode Island agreed, the the measure required the unanimous consent of the states and therefore failed.
*In the end, Jefferson justified the purchase of Louisiana by ___ bowing to "the good sense of the country" which seemed to demand the acquisition despite constitutional difficulties.
A series of essays, chiefly written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, explaining and defending the national government proposed by the Consitutional Convention of 1787.
Federalist Papers
Much Anti-Federalist opposition to the Constitution disappeared when ___ the federalists promised amendments to guarantee the civil liberties of the people.
According to the Kentucky and Virginia resolves, a law of Congress could be declared unconstitutional by ____ an individual state.
After the Federalists committed to adding specifici protections for civil liberties (Bill of Rights) to the Constitution, what happened to Anti-Federalist opposition to the document? (pg 152)
Much of it disappeared
As a result of

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