Hmbr, Bangladesh Essay

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1. Introduction:

HMBR is one of the famous names in the business world. It has achieved its fame for its classic quality and for the maintenance of individuality in the trading and manufacturing world of Bangladesh since its arrival in 1984. It has imported and manufactured necessary hand tools, chemicals and household products for satisfying need.
HMBR has introduced advanced technology from Japan, Korea and China, and thus have adopted the best production base for their chemical products. They intend to place high emphasis on product quality; as such they regard their reputation as the most important asset when selling in the market. Their mission statement is "persistence, dedication and quality". They are capable of offering
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It doesn't produce any customized product but only standardized products. Although some times they get order for customized product but company didn't focus on that as of yet. As a result company focuses on more standardized products. The machine it uses for producing putty or Teflon is not usable for any other types of production. So the production process it chose is repetitive production process. In this HMBR produces high volume of standardized goods. For this production only slight flexibility of equipment are needed. The following explanation presents more reason why the process is repetitive.

Skill of workers: "Teflon" and "Putty" production is highly automated. In this process labor are needed for putting materials into the machine and take out the product for packaging. Some of the packaging is done manually. So skill of labor is less required.

High volume of ou put: Since HMBR produce only standardized product and these types of product are highly demanded in the market thus requiring huge production. For this reason HMBR establish large manufacturing automated equipment for high volume of production

Low unit cost: As HMBR is producing high volume of goods (Teflon, Putty) it needs to reduce its production costs. For this reason they chose a automated production process.

Transportation facility
With a company like HMBR, transportation or distribution of goods is a very

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