Home School Versus Public School Essay

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Homeschool VS Public School
Shawn Banks
University of Composition and Communication COM/ 155
February 19, 2012
Cari Kenner

The issue of homeschooling versus public education has been an ongoing debate for a very long time. The decision between the two forms of education has plagued parents for an equal amount of time as well. For some parents, the choice is easy because the options are limited by funds and availability of the parent’s time. Academic environment can be an issue for some parents. There are also several health and safety concerns that parents must face too. One of the biggest concerns that parents contend with is the overwhelming difference in the social aspect between homeschooling and public education. Granted
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But now some schools are asking parents to pay for supplies like biology-lab safety, goggles or printer ink that is used to print off worksheets. Cost plays a big part in the choice we will make as a parent, when it comes to our children’s education. Are you going to be able to dedicate the proper amount of time for a proper education for your child? This is a question that, as a parent, you should ask yourself before committing to homeschooling your child. Homeschooling can and will take up a lot of time in your day. There will be experiments and projects, lessons that need planning, papers to grade, music lessons, field trips and the list go on and on. It is a very big commitment. The homeschooling parents have little or no time for personnel luxury time. Parent and child are together 24 hours a day, and at least 5 days a week. By having the child attend a public school, the parent does have spare time or the time to work and have a career. Some parents are active in the workforce while the child is attending school. Others work from home via the Internet, to help supplement the family income. Some simply get some well-deserved rest. Whatever the case may be, the availability of the parent also plays a huge role in deciding to homeschool or opt for public school. According to an article written by Pilar Marin and Brett Brown, “Adolescents spend a large portion of their day in school or

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