Hooters Current Ethical Issue Essay

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Hooters Current Ethical Issue Over the years the national chain restaurant Hooters has had lawsuits brought against them for discrimination based on gender. Currently, the issue is weight discrimination. Not just one lawsuit, but two, and maybe three lawsuits may be filed. The waitresses claim that they lost their jobs because they weighed too much. They were put on a 30-day weight probation and offered gym memberships. The ethical issue here is the fact the company practices such discrimination and justifies their actions by claiming that the waitresses are entertainers. Not to mention, the waitress in question weighed 13 pounds less than when she was hires in 2008. Unfortunately for Hooters the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil …show more content…
They claim that their waitresses are comparable to the Dallas cowboy’s cheerleaders. The company also stated that it does challenge their employees about image, but the company has not asked any employee in Michigan to lose weight. According to the attorney representing the employee in question, Hooters mis-classifies their workers as entertainers. The bottom line is that Hooters of America is so big they believe that they can operate their business in any fashion possible. They make decisions based on that they can just simply fight any lawsuit, and drag it out for years, or simply pay off a person to make an issue go away with their deep pockets.
Ethical Conflict The conflict in ethical standards at a Hooters restaurant located in Michigan brought about two lawsuits by former Hooters servers declaring weight discrimination. The term "weight probation" policy was used as a reason for termination. Cassandra Smith, 20, of Roseville said her civil rights were violated when she was placed on "weight probation" and offered a gym membership so she could fit into her extra small uniform (Jun, 2010). A second lawsuit was presented by Leanne Convery, 23, of Harrison Township who was on "weight probation" and eventually fired when she did not comply (Jun, 2010). According legal experts, Michigan is the only state to ban discrimination based on weight (Neavling, 2010).. Many people believe

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