How Does Piaget Account For Cognitive Development Essay

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How does Piaget account for cognitive development in children?
Cognitive development study, Ann Birch book, Developmental psychology: from infancy to adulthood “ she defines as ‘study of the psychological changes that take place between birth and old age’ (1997, 1), intentions to describe and explain the changes that occur the duration of one’s birth to adulthood.
The essay will discuss the approaches of cognitive developments by the field’s most influential Jean Piaget, his three main principles as well as the four stages of cognitive development that explains behaviours of transformations the child goes through to adulthood.
Piaget’s scientific study was first to identify, that children were not only mini copies of grownups, but were quite different in their interpretations of the world, as adult did not know more than the child, but their understanding was organised differently, he branded children as ‘“little scientists” that are actively involved looking for understanding and knowledge (Bee, 2000).
Cognitive development was founded on the following principles; schema, assimilation, accommodation and equilibration.
Schemas are the main principles notion of Piaget’s theory; he states, that people create ‘schema’, the mental structures, which gathers information, representation, activities, perceptions, all the concepts that assist in interpreting experiences in order to understand. For example a child learns birds are small and have wings to fly, as the…

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