How Far Does Sources C and D Support What Emmeline Pankhurst Is Saying in Source B? (Edexcel)

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How far does sources C and D support what Emmeline Pankhurst is saying in Source B?
The view of Pankhurst in Source B is that both women and men are needed, and are equally important in ensuring international peace. Source B says “We believe that under the joint rule of enfranchised women and men, the nations of the world will…find a way of reconciling the claims of peace and honour”. Source C also expresses a similar view, “You must remember that if the men fight, the women are the mothers. Without the mothers you have no nation to defend”. Both sources express the view that the war cannot be resolved without the help of women, as they have a key role to play for the nation, thus encouraging the government to allow women to take part in
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Source B says “the nations of the world will owing to women’s influence and authority find a way of reconciling the claims of peace”, whilst Source C says “It simply means that men and women in co-operation decide the task, which in the interests of the whole, it is most necessary that they shall do.” Source B believes that only women can prevent another war occurring “It will be the future task of women, and only they can perform it” through their authority and influence, yet in Source C Pankhurst yet emphasises the importance of “politically equality”. This portrays a differing view between both sources; Source C does not have a similar view expressed in Source B.
Source B and Source express two different intentions in their views, Source B says “under the joint rule of enfranchised women and men”, thus stressing the importance of “enfranchised” women, and strengthens the call for the vote. Whilst Source D is stressing the current situation and encouraging women to join the war effort, “The situation is serious, women must help save it”, it does not relate in any way to women receiving the vote. This shows that Source D has a different intention and view compared to Source B.
Source B is a very patriotic piece of writing by Emmeline Pankhurst, encouraging the government to let women join the war effort. She highlights the importance of female war effort and relates the enfranchisement to the solution of the war, and the prevention of many wars to

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