How Food Can Help Your Stress Levels Essay example

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There is information in the article “Stress Changes How People Make Decisions” by Science Daily and “How Food Can Help Your Stress Levels” by the Stress Management Society that relates to my personal situation. The fact that stress can affect decision making is disconcerting because it may not be a decision I would normally make under different circumstances. This decision could potentially impact my life negatively because stress enabled me to make a bad decision. The health information in “How Food Can Help Your Stress Levels” relates to my life immensely. Trying to get into a healthy lifestyle is difficult for me. However, knowing foods that produce energy and other benefits can help me achieve a healthy lifestyle by decreasing my stress and being able to level out my blood sugar from my hypoglycemia. Learning about food can decrease my stress if I eat the right ones. It can also help increase my happiness if I achieve a lower weight that induces confidence.
Those that are always stressed out are more likely to have heart disease, stroke, and even mental disorders like depression. Eating better, sleeping better, exercising regularly, and taking vitamins are all ways to reduce stress. Other ways to reduce stress are to increase positive thoughts. Positivity is something that can help everyone whether it be in the work place, at school, or at home. Positive thoughts lead to a positive lifestyle.
Furthermore, stress is something that everyone faces. To achieve my…

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