How It Does Not Have Enough Nutrients? Essay

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With the growth of the plan, it does not have enough nutrients, so the reproductive structures in the upper nodes does not get enough nutrients to elongate. So they have shorter length. The elongation occurs during 2-20 days post anthesis. As the bolls on the higher nodes stays less time, they don’t complete all the development stages specially elongation. So higher the node, the length of the fibers becomes low. Fiber length is influenced largely by the extreme temperatures, water stress. The months that elongation occurs in higher nodes can experience these environmental conditions and form shorter fibers.
4) Cotton fiber development happen in four stages. They are differentiation, Initiation, elongation, secondary cell wall deposition and maturation. Fiber initiation, elongation and secondary cell wall deposition are highly sensitive for temperature. The response on the cotton plant depends on the growth stage, degree of stress and the length of time expose to that stress. The modern ring spinning mills need to have fine fibers with long staple length. Prolong period of high temperature reduces time required for fiber elongation and the fiber does not elongate to its genetic potential. Fiber length is reduced when temperature of the boll increases over 320C. Low temperatures after seedling, increases time to emergence and it reduces seedling potency. Hence it increases the risks for seedling diseases, poor establishment of the plant and tend to have early growth. High…

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