How Management Teams Can Have a Good Fight Essay

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How management teams can have a good fight?

How management teams can have a good fight? Everyone has his own answer. Related to O.B., what’s the new answer?
In the case study, we discussed about “the forgotten group member” as group. We talked about “yes or no”, “why” and “how”. Every member can have his own idea, but we must reach an agreement as our group’s conclusion. This process is called “decision making”. During this process, if all the members’ own ideas are the same, that’s perfect! But most of the time the fact is someone says “yes”, and someone says “no”, and when we met the question like “why” and “how”, the answers became even more. Then the group meets an issue named “conflict”.
This article, by Kathleen M.
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Managers can more easily shift positions without losing face. The team ended up combining elements of several options in a way that was more robust than any of the options were individually.

3. Create common goals
It means let’s go there!
A third tactic for minimizing destructive conflict involves framing strategic choices as collaborative. The successful groups we studied consistently framed their decisions as collaborations in which it was in everyone’s interest to achieve the best possible solution for the collective.
During the process of decision making, when team members are working toward a common goal, they are less likely to see themselves as individual winners and losers and are far more likely to perceive the opinions of others correctly and to learn from them.
For example, let’s discuss the first trip for practice. Our common goal is to go to Pattya. Then we discuss how we shall go. Shall we go there by minibus, taxi or airline? But if someone wants to go to Rayong and another wants to go to Huahin, a lot of time will be wasted in the argument.
So, the common goals do not imply homogeneous thinking, but they do let everyone share a vision.

4. Use humor
It means Inject humor into the decision process.
In our class, there is a very cute and funny guy, his name is Pop. Every time when we do the case discussion in-class, every time when Pop raises his hand, what do you guys expect? For me, I am

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