How social Media improves Education Essay example

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Social networking has become immensely popular and has advanced very well over the past decade. Many developing companies have worked hard and as a result, instant messaging, and social networks like Facebook and twitter have emerged in the 21st century. With the advancement of smartphones, many teenagers and young adults have been attracted to using these networks on a daily bases. Although there have been many problem that with social media, there has also been many positive effects of using social networking. I personally believe that social networking has been positively affecting the growth of education of children’s in the 21st centuries.
The National Survey of Student Engagements is the first way of measuring how involved students
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Another positive thing of social networking is that it has allowed student to access a large amount of resources throughout the web. For instance, many of the school material and information can now be found on the web and on Youtube. KanAcademy is a perfect example of this. While incorporating YouTube with their own unique network, students are able to log on using their Gmail account. This allows them to access lessons, practice examples, and quizzes. Students and teachers can also check up on their progress throughout the courses. These websites not only allows student to get extra help outside of school, but it allows student to keep up with their class so they can perform up to or above class standard.
Use of social networks has made communicating with people faster and simple. With Microsoft and Google’s introduction of Skydrive, Google Doc, and Google Hangout, students located in different locations can work together in virtual groups. Group work and studying is more efficient, as virtual hangouts allow people to see and talk each other and talk over the web. In addition, it allows the group to modify documents at the same time. This type of efficiency allows student to save on time from commuting and it also allows them to work whenever they want. Last minute changes minute changes can also be made with the added benefits of having everything securely saved onto the web server. This allows groups to have access to

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