Hrm 531 Final Exam Mcqs Essay

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HRM 531 Final Exam MCQS
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1) Distrust, disrespect, and animosity pertain to which component of indirect costs associated with mismanaged organizational stress?
A. Quality of work relations
B. Participation and membership
C. Performance on the job
D. Communication breakdowns

2) Inventory shrinkages and accidents pertain to which component of direct costs associated with mismanaged organizational stress?
A. Employee conflict
B. Performance on the job
C. Loss of vitality
D. Communication breakdowns

3) Thousands
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A. Government initiated
B. Assumes integration
C. Internally focused
D. Quantitative

9) "To be the world's best quick-service restaurant" is an example of what?
A. Organizational charter
B. Standard operating procedure
C. Code of ethics
D. Vision statement

10) _________ is a job analysis method that lists tasks or behaviors and involves workers rating each task or behavior in terms of whether or not it is performed. If the task is performed, workers also rate the frequency, importance, level of difficulty, and relationship to overall performance
A. Job performance
B. Structured questionnaires
C. Interviews
D. Critical incidents

11) Recruitment begins by specifying _____, which are the typical results of job analysis and workforce planning activities
A. human resource requirements
B. strategic imperatives
C. succession plans
D. affirmative action candidates

12) The step following recruitment is _____, which is basically a rapid, rough selection process
A. an orientation
B. an initial screening
C. a suspension
D. a workforce plan

13) During the _____ stage, it is most important to select the managers who can develop stable management systems to preserve the gains achieved during the embryonic stage
A. mature
B. high-growth
C. aging
D. embryonic

14) Increasing an individual's employability outside the company simultaneously increases his or her job security and

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