I Am A Science Teacher Now Essay

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Cookie Digs and Scientific Papers

Science has always been a big part of my life, both inside and outside the classroom. My earliest memories with nature were in my backyard, either playing with ants with my brother, or eating leafs off the lilac bush. As I got older, I was introduced to science formally in school. Playing with ants in the yard turned into class pets and food chain lessons; eating leafs turned into growing bean sprouts to learn about photosynthesis. But this, too, changed as I got older. However, the wonder and curiosity of the natural world never faded, and I strongly believe that is why I am studying to be a science teacher now.
Over the years, I have done a lot of science lessons, but one stands out to me in particular. I was in 2nd Grade, and Mrs. P was teaching a unit on fossils and archeology. To teach us about the patience and delicacy archeologists have to use during digs, Mrs. P had us use tooth picks to “dig” chocolate chips out of cookies. While this may seem trivial and not educational, it thrilled me as a student. I pretended the chocolate chips were precious dinosaur bones, and I made it my goal to not smash a single chip. Looking back on this lesson, I know I did not necessarily learn anything critical, that material would not be on any quiz or standardized test. However, what it did teach me was how to be fascinated with science. For the first time, science really clicked with me, it seemed important and real.
The “cookie dig” lesson made…

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