I Am My Dad : Blood From Under His Arm Essay

1077 Words Sep 20th, 2015 null Page
It was one day back in June of 2014 that my dad began to gush blood from under his arm. He had surgery under his armpit, because he had to have his dialysis fistula removed. He was sitting in the living room when he felt something warm running down his side. He yelled for me to come up front, and I had to apply pressure to the wound. An artery had burst and the blood was gushing out. Once he had that problem fixed, I was the one who had to keep it clean and change the bandages. He is a dialysis patient and he has diabetic neuropathy in his hands and feet. It’s as if his feet are numb, and he has shooting pains that can come and go at any time in those body parts. He’s not able to do much for himself, so he requires help and I am the person that has to do the job. He has dialysis on certain days and on those days, I have to wake up earlier in the morning so I can help get him ready in the morning before I start getting ready for school. I have to give him his medicine every day and he takes on average anywhere from twenty to twenty five pills. While having to deal with the issues at home, I also have to deal with the work that comes from my high school and college classes.
While taking high school and college classes, I have to come home and help him during the day. I might have to cook, change his bandage (if he has any), check his blood glucose level, and administer insulin if needed. Those are my daily tasks even after being gone for seven hours for my high school and…

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